The Digital Portfolio of Michael Chu

Michael Chu is a NYC based photographer, specializing in portraiture work.
Sheila Bair<br>Former Chairperson of the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

October 8, 2012+br850+br584+br1

Kenneth Feinberg<br>Former Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation

June 19, 2012+br850+br569+br2

Samantha Allen Digital Managing Editor, Financial Planning

October 15, 2014+br453+br680+br3

Terry Austin<br>CEO, Guardian Analytics

June 19, 2012+br850+br569+br4

Tonya Chin<br>Reporter, The Bond Buyer

April 8, 2012+br850+br596+br5

Selwyn Raab<br>Author

April 21, 2012+br850+br636+br6

Joseph Ficalora<br>Chairman & CEO, New York Community Bancorp

April 9, 2012+br850+br514+br7

M. Troy Woods<br>President & Chief Operating Officer, TSYS

April 8, 2012+br850+br587+br8

Douglas J. Manoni CEO, SourceMedia

October 15, 2014+br428+br680+br9

Steve Miller, Chairman, Mid-Ocean Partners<br>Ted Virtue, CEO, Mid-Ocean Partners

April 8, 2012+br850+br650+br10

David Simmonds<br>Business Development Director, MindArk - Entropia Universe

April 8, 2012+br850+br594+br11

Daniel Ayala<br>Head of Global Remittance Services, Wells Fargo

April 8, 2012+br850+br569+br12

Michael Errichetti<br>Managing Director, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods, Inc.

April 8, 2012+br850+br537+br13

Freda Johnson<br>President, Government Finance Associates

April 10, 2012+br850+br570+br14

Floyd Robinson<br>President of Consumer Real Estate and Insurance Services Group, Bank of America

April 8, 2012+br850+br560+br15

Anne Walker<br>Head of U.S. Equity Syndicate, Bank of America

April 8, 2012+br850+br573+br16

Ed A. Labry III<br>President of Commercial Services Division, First Data Corporation

April 8, 2012+br850+br654+br17

Fredrick J. Chapey Jr.<br>Co-Founder and Managing Principal, StormHarbour

April 8, 2012+br850+br516+br18

Dave Stevens<br>CEO, Mortgage Bankers Association

June 19, 2012+br850+br556+br19

Bob Russo<br>General Manager, PCI Security Standards Council

April 8, 2012+br850+br542+br20

Nicole Sturgill<br>Research Director, CEB TowerGroup

April 23, 2012+br850+br529+br21

Kurt Schneiber<br>CEO, Syncada

April 8, 2012+br850+br627+br22

Gina Raimondo<br>Treasurer for the State of Rhode Island

April 8, 2012+br850+br584+br23

Gavin  Murphy<br>Editor in Chief, The Bond Buyer

April 8, 2012+br850+br622+br24

Steve Streit<br>Founder & CEO, Green Dot Corporation

April 8, 2012+br850+br603+br25

Michael Mitchell<br>VP, Global Network Operations, American Express

April 8, 2012+br850+br561+br26

Kate Berry<br>Reporter, American Banker

April 8, 2012+br850+br539+br27


April 8, 2012+br452+br680+br28


April 8, 2012+br468+br680+br29


April 8, 2012+br538+br680+br30


April 8, 2012+br850+br631+br31


April 8, 2012+br540+br680+br32


April 8, 2012+br530+br680+br33


April 8, 2012+br542+br680+br34


April 8, 2012+br671+br680+br35


April 8, 2012+br572+br680+br36


April 8, 2012+br668+br680+br37


April 8, 2012+br671+br680+br38

Vanessa & Dave

April 8, 2012+br556+br680+br39


April 8, 2012+br673+br680+br40


April 8, 2012+br680+br680+br41


April 8, 2012+br671+br680+br42

Diane & Jordan

April 8, 2012+br660+br680+br43

Waimea Bay, Oahu

August 30, 2012+br850+br555+br44

Ka'anapali beach, Maui

October 19, 2014+br850+br540+br45

Oahu, Hawaii

August 30, 2012+br850+br590+br46

Oahu, Hawaii

August 30, 2012+br850+br549+br47

Bangkok, Thailand

April 8, 2012+br850+br555+br48

Brooklyn, New York

April 8, 2012+br850+br557+br49

Venice, Italy

April 8, 2012+br850+br566+br50

Hong Kong, China

April 8, 2012+br453+br680+br51

Nassau, Bahamas

April 8, 2012+br850+br566+br52

Versailles, France

April 23, 2012+br617+br680+br53

Paris, France

April 8, 2012+br850+br583+br54

Paris, France

April 8, 2012+br850+br566+br55

Beijing, China

April 8, 2012+br850+br575+br56

Beijing, China

April 8, 2012+br850+br527+br57

Costa Maya, Mexico

April 8, 2012+br850+br566+br58

Oahu, Hawaii

April 8, 2012+br850+br584+br59

all images by Michael Chu